Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some Aquarium Sketches

Hey Folks

I went to visit the St Andrews Aquarium today for something to do as it was a nice day and didn't want to be stuck in the house. I took my sketchbook and went in to do some drawing thankfully it was very quiet and I managed to sit and concentrate on a few of the animals.

There are a few hits and misses in these sketches but you cant always get things right first time can you, so we have some crawfish, meerkats, spiders, fish and a turtle who was actually half a foot away form me and just let me draw him he must have been honoured haha.

Anyhoo this has been a good day as I enjoyed the drawing I did, learned a thing or two about he animals and it is getting me back into the just of things again which I am glad to be in.

More sketches on the way folks!!!

Enjoy Muchly

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