Sunday, 26 January 2014

Life Drawing Training Day 13 Story Poses

iHey Everyone,

Today is about trying to tell a story so  made the model pose with object for 5 minutes. They aren't the best but its a good way to start for gesture training.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sketchbook Sketching

Hey Everyone,

I had another break and did some sketchbook sketching, I just wanted to draw literally anything and I managed to come up with a nice idea for a basset caricature :).

Life Drawing Training Day 12 Action Poses

Hello Everyone,

Today is all about the action poses, the aim here was to try and catch a specific pose that displays a story and of course action. These were only 5 minutes a piece my favourite has to be the third one of the model trying to protect herself with her shield.

Sketchbook Sketching

Hey Everyone,

These are just some sketches that i was doing today for some fun nothing special but theres some nice little nick nacks on here :)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Life Drawing Training Day 11 Bits and Bobs

Hello Everyone,

Today is just a few bits and bobs of some back limbs and a few poses for some practice.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sketchbook Sketching

Hey Everyone,

This is just an easy sketching day just playing around with the pencils and just splashing down ideas and seeing what I can come up with. for some reason I like the ball i did at the top even though its purely simple it just works. I think its the highlight that makes it work, just shows how powerful the highlight can be in a drawing.

Life Drawing Training Day 10 Portraiture "animal Special"

Hello Everyone,

Today i give you a special post with not only a portrait of the model but also of an animal just to give a bit of variety.

Tomorrow will be on to action poses.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sketchbook Study Animals

Hello Everyone,

Today was about the story of animals I decided to watch the documentary "Life" which captures animals in their habitat with the art of photography and video photography. It is astounding and what I did was when i picked the right moment I paused the film and began to draw the perfect moment of the animal.

The monkeys are my favourite especially the first picture with the baby monkey in the bottom left.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Life Drawing Training Day 09 Lips and Eyes

Hello Everyone,

Today I have been focusing on drawing the eyes and lips, now you may notice that these lips are quite faint and the eyes are very sharp in detail. Two things here...1 the lips were 5 mins maximum per drawing and it was only to get specific angles and get a feel for the part. I found a book called "Human Anatomy for Artists" by Elliot Goldfinger and I read the section about the eyes and it blew my mind away, after that I so pumped with enthusiasm I drew for a solid 10-15 mins on each angle of the eye drawings. Not only do i love drawing eyes but I think now I have a much better understanding of them and these came out great.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Life Drawing Training Day 08 Portraiture 2

Hello Everyone,

Today is another portrait and this time I am beginning to get a bit better, from drawing the nose previous I am beginning to get to better grips of how the nose is formed and I like the drawing of this nose in this study.

Tomorrow will be the lips and eyes.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sketchbook Study Boot in 3D

Hello Everyone,

Last night I downloaded "Google Sketchup" to start beginning on a BASIC level of 3D modelling. I feel that if i start in small steps eventually I can get better and better until I eventually move upto 3Ds max or Maya.

Now the reason i am wanitng to learn 3D is not for animation but to actualy build complicated models in which i can paint over in photoshop. If I don't like the results that I have built once placed into photoshop or i want to change the concept a little bit, instead of re-drawing, I can simply just re-model it a little bit or add something onto it then go back in and paint again.

Not only that but I can rotate my image and place it in different compositions  or angles for concept design.

Now why is there a drawing underneath?...good question I understand its not 3D but here is why it is here. For myself to learn 3D a little bit quicker I need to understand first how to accurately draw a concept idea.

This boot looks like a low poly version of the original boot i drew but i wanted to see if I can look at the boot in a different perspective and accurately draw this boot in terms of modelling. I know I am coming up with a load of nonsense but I feel that by drawing like this, it will help me to construct concepts more accurately. Not only that but if i like my concept idea that ive drawn it will not take long to model it and paint it for clients.

Now onto the drawing itself!!! 

This boot was my first attempts at being able to draw in a  3D perspective and its all wrong if you look at my notes the top is too small the foot is too short and i never actually thought about it in 3D and never even thought about building the drawing like 3D i.e in blocks.

The boot first attempt

More coming on the way though folks and to show you what I want at the end here is an example of a professionals drawing.

link can be found here

Life Drawing Training Day 07 Nose

Hello Everyone,

So today I have been practising the nose they are only 5 minutes long and I am trying to grab it at different angles.

Monday, 13 January 2014

My pixel Art Collection

Hey Everyone,

So today i was getting some comments about my business cards and I thought that I would show you all my little collection of pixel art right from the start to the most recent one that I have done. I really enjoy pixel art not just for the pleasure of the nostalgia feeling but its like an art in itself by being able to place the pixels in the right place to make it read.

Clicker my first attempt.

Kyle Balfour 2nd attempt

 Jade Loch in her Pikachu onesie Beginning to get better now.

This was a commission for a friend on facebook

Zombie Pixel Art

Breaking Bad A big one that took 3 hours to complete.

Me in a Tanooki suit would love one in real life.

My business card of the front

My business card of the back

My next big picture The Cave of Goblins

Life Drawing Training Day 06 Portraiture "The Beginning"

Hey Everyone,

So this week will be covering on portraiture and boy I am really rusty. So this was my first attempts at drawing some portraiture and I feel that throughout this study week I am going to look closely at the features of the face.

Tomorrow will be the nose.

Portrait Study 1

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pixel Art The Cave of Goblins

Hey Everyone,

This is another pixel art drawing that I wanted to create for some fun, I was speaking to a few friends about the "Dark Souls" series and I was starting to get back the nostalgia feeling when I used to play it. So I thought about making a pixel art about a beginner knight character entering a cave but what he doesn't expect is to have it filled with goblins. Here is the breakdown of how I made this.

Basic background with character

Add background elements and foreground elements

Decided to meat up the foreground a bit

Added some smoke for atmosphere.

I was gonna put a shield and have a cave light come from above but I thought a torch would be more ambient.

Toning up the main character

Added a reflective light and a gradient to finish.

Actual size

Zoomed in for more detail