Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Planet Deckturn 3D the 2nd Attempt

Hey Folks

This is the 2nd attempt at making the planet with the improved textures. Firstly is its a whole lot better than the last one you can actually see his eyes properly, 2nd is his headpiece looks much better with the nice texture on it it does look like saturn rings. 3rd is that his face looks more balanced you can see the light colours now and not right around the back if it. his headphones actually look like headphones and not a mess with that nice chrome texture on top of it.

However he is not finished yet!!! there are still a few things needed to be done, i had to get rid of the grid lines so they wont show up like they have here. I then had to put some more reflection in the eyes to give more oomf. Theres an annoying blue bit under the headphone if you look to the left piece you can see it just under the headpiece so i had to fix that up. Also i was not happy with the thickness of the lines for the islands on the planet so i have changed that too and gave it a nice brown colour.

SO now that it is fixed up its time to animaaaaate but first is the blend shapes which will be up within the next week or so.

Enjoy Muchly

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Quick Bubble Bass Test

Hey Folks

Here is a quick test of a bubble bass doing his thing in after effects. The Song is The hook by Deadmau5 unfortunately i didn't have a track by ben that is longer than 15 seconds but its not his fault its my own but we will have a test showing more of his songs soon :D

Enjoy Muchly

Hey Folks

Heres another character sheet for the meteor guy.

Enjoy Muchly

The 2nd 250 Word Abstract.

Hey Folks.

I spoke to sharon last wednesday about my 250 word proposal and i am now wanting to change my proposal question. so here we go.

Through watching classic cartoon animation to contemporary 2D video game animation. I have gathered a specific interest in John K and Edmund Mcmillen who are both animators and character designers for cartoons and computer games. They have influenced myself to try and expand my animation style to the full maximum.

This proposal aims to explain why each of these artists share common grounds in the animation media and to explain how their styles have influenced my own style in animation. I will explain, the look of the characters, exaggeration in the expressions of the characters, how they are animated to the exaggerated style and why it looks so interesting to myself.

I will also explain how these styles are helping me with my studies with the use of 2D animation and 3D character style.

5.BSOD-This is the Hook

Hey Folks

This is a Deadmau5 track that I have just listened to, it kinda explains about how a DJ should perform his tracks its pretty sweeet :D.

Have a listen he will show you how i am working my music too in my project.

Enjoy Muchly

Textures Try Number 2

Hey Folks

Here is the 2nd attempt at the textures, this time I now had a better understanding of where everything was going to i was able to make it more accurate. I have also made the textures a bit more simpler than the last ones and put some simpler patterns over the headphone piece too. If it fails again I might have to get someone else to texture it for me. If it fails again after that one too, well looks like our little planet will have to be animated in 2D but lets hope it doesn't come to that huh folks.

The First Fail :(

Hey Folks

Unfortunately this is not a happy post for your "Enjoy Muchly" guy. This is the first test of what the textures look like on our little planet. Does not look good at all does it folks.

First thing is that theres meant to be two highlights in his eyes i only see one and one is set right the other is set in the opposite direction :O. 2nd is his face i wanted to see the nice colours coming through but they've overlapped over the planet. The headphone cover looks ok but the chrome bits are just too much on them, and the headpiece is way too distorted for my liking. Plus i wanted a 2D shader on him and rudy forgot to put it on but its ok.

Unfortunately I am gonna have to go back in and re-texture the planet we will get him right and he will look like sex on the beach trust me.

Enjoy Muchly

The Planet In 3D

Hey Folks

Here is Planet Deckturn in 3Deeeeee oh yeah :D. Rudy took the model sheet that i made for him and turned out little character into an epic looking 3D model made in Maya. Heres hoping that our textures look good in him too.

Enjoy Muchly

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Textures

Hey Folks

Here are the textures that i have done for Rudy and my 3D planet. This is my first time doing one of these so i'm not 100% sure on these i think i might have to re-do it but owel fingers crossed eh :p

Enjoy Muchly

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The CD

Hey Folks

This is the CD character, I thought of an idea to scan a CD in the scanner and see what it comes out like. I was impressed with the colours that the scanner light did for it.

I then took it into photoshop and created a coloured layer for it and just did and overlay and it turned out pretty cool. I like how the CD is plain because then i could give it a mind of its own and use emotional faces that you would use for messaging and mobile phone texting. I will go into further study of how emotions show colour and use them for the CDs emotions.

Photoshopped template
Plain Scan on Black Background
Black and White adjusted CD Scan
Greyscale Scan

Enjoy Muchly

More Character Designs

Hey Folks

Here are some more refined character designs for the little guy and the meteor guy:D.

i wasn't too happy with he previous character design of the little guy so i decided to give him some sneakers and little dial things on his headphones. I'm actually quite happy with his new design and plus i can play about with his colours when the music starts overtaking his mind.

The meteor guy on the right there is in the start of the animatic and is attached to the meteor. I decided to make his design a bit more flashing than our main character to show that he is from another world. I decided to give him a set if earphones to keep the music theme within the characters.

Enjoy Muchly

Two More Backgrounds

Hey Folks

Looks Like Sarah has stuck again with these awesome backgrounds :D.

I was not happy with my latest cloud layout so i decided to re draw the layout and have sarah present her expertise with re-colouring it too :D, also the undersea layout too is looking really good :D.

Hopefully me and Hai will have more backgrounds ready to be coloured up for sarah and then its onto the animation layout stage as well as getting down to some serious business with the animation.

Enjoy Muchly

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hey Folks

here is a quick video of the robot playing a sound put together by my DJ, Ben Mccluskey.

Hope you likes

Enjoy Muchly
Hey Folks

Here are some quick character colour sheets for the robot and when he blows up.

Enjoy Muchly

250 word proposal.

250 word proposal

Brian Lindsay

Through being increasingly interested in animator/directors such as Tex Avery, John K, Bob Clampett along with specific artistic styles and animation skills such as Edmund Mcmillen. These influences has encouraged me to go into further study of pushing the boundaries of exaggerated animation as far as it can be pushed.
In order to make this piece of research much stronger I understand that listening to a specific style of music such as electronica, drum and bass and Dubstep can help push the exaggeration of my studies even further.

By combining these elements together, this piece of research i am going to write is to hereby expand the range of exaggerated 2D animation and character design with the use of music.

I will explain the tools of my research in full detail from using specific programmes such as photoshop, 3D elements and after effects by revealing successful and unsuccessful tests within my research piece. I will also create animation tests which will reflect my opinion on the artists I have researched. This research will help determine what will be most useful for my research project.

100th post

Hey Folks

My 100th post :D


A Whole Bunch Of Ingredients For My Backgrounds

Hey Folks

These are some references for my backgrounds this is a special post for people who are helping me design backgrounds for my films.

This post will explain what kind of environment Planet Deckturn is like and will help everybody get an idea of what to have in it.

first of the Planet colours now obviously the planet is a light purple colour so try and find contrasts for purple like yellows, reds and greens come on guys you all know what im talking about haha :D.

Now second the condition, obviously Planet Deckturn is inhabited to music and the music is played by the Plnaet himself and whatever he plays the people of Deckturn listen to whatever he is playing with their headphones. His music affects everything from plants animals and even the water absolutely evrything.

The things that makes planet deckturn "Spin" is the fact that the citizens of deckturn could also listen to their own CD if need be, so there are piles and piles of CDs everywhere. like a rubbish dump there are DJ stuff everywhere even the plants and buildings are part of DJ equipment from subwoofer flowers to trees with CD leaves.

Because of the intense bass from the Planet the environment is in a bit of a state like rubble and destroyed buildings and such.

thirdly the animals, if you read my latests posts you should all know that the bubble basses are the animals of Planet Deckturn and they help keep everything in balance from the elements of the planet for the likes of water and wind and such to even being repair men and your everyday bum.

Now this bit below is specifically for background people, Myself, Hai and Sarah.

see the thing that Daft Punk are standing on guys, obviously thats DJ equipment and such but the way its piled up looks interesting see if we could get this style floating through the backgrounds.

Dont be afraid to design your own subwoofers on the flowers buildings and such thats why people buy subwoofers not just for the watt count but the style too.
This is just a close up of a DJ deck for reference

DJ needle maybe you could turn it into a part of a building or something go nuts.

More reference for DJ equimpent

Check out how many subwoofers are in this picture you could use this for buildings, rubbish, plants anything you want.

subwoofers and DJ equipment doesn't need to be in everything you could have plain old destroyed buildings too we don't want too much in the picture

Midi Cables are a good way to tie things together these are used to make things work and come to life. you could have like a big mixing deck building in the middle of the background which represents an important building like the big apple of new york to even something like a monument. Then make midi cables connect to different buildings with subwoofers and Equalizer effected bulidings to make them all work from this big mixing deck.
Who said i couldn't let your imagination go in only one direction, this is a cool concept for a building, it could be a CD shop with giant headphones on top of it.

CDs are always good for building and piling up aren't they

You could always put graphics on the sides of buildings here is the DJ hero cover for some inspiration.

Again more rubble for bigger buildings.

a very good reference for CDs

See heres another cool concept a subwoofer connected to a rubiks cube go nuts guys this is brian's project imagination is the key to success in this one.

Here is another one you could have a building made out of CDs like skyscrapers.

references for different styles of subwoofers.

Now guys if you dont believe me ask sarah what im like...if i dont see enough imagination in the backgrounds it gets scrapped. being creative is the key to making this piece work also it shows how far you could push your imagination too.

Enjoy Muchly

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bubble Texture

Hey Folks

This is the bubble texture for Link

Enjoy Muchly

Bubble Bass The Orange One

Hey Folks

Here is the orange bubble bass in their own habitat, underwater :D just look at them bubbling away making the seawater of Planet Deckturn. I took the liberty of breaking down the specific bubble designs for the bubble bass and in order of layers for link to use for his little 3D model.

Enjoy Muchly

Coloured Up Bubble Basses

Hey Folks

These are some coloured up sketches of some of my bubble basses :D, Influenced by the expression designs of Edmund Mcmillen, i came up with the concept for the design i really like the orange bubble bass which will be in the water for one of the shots.

Enjoy Muchly

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hey Folks

Sorry i have not been in here for a while i have been busy working away and doing overtime at work. need money cause i is poor y'all.

Anyways i have started drawing up my backgrounds for the film here is the deep sea layout and the newly sketched cloud one too.

These will the be taken into photoshop to be coloured up and made beautiful :D

Enjoy Muchly