Friday, 31 August 2012


Hey Folks

I found some old sketches here in my computer and i thought i might aswel show off some of these to you. I know that the bee here needs rotated but if i get folks to tilt their head then it means that folk are interested now doesn't it lol.

I will be adding a new sketch up her soon im gonna try and make it a thing now to add stuff on here at least every 2 days or every day wether it is skethces, concept art, tests, interests, articles, animation anything atal :). so stay tuned folks.

Enjoy Muchly

Fishy Fishy

Hey Folks

I painted this fishy character for practice in learning how to use textures and paint styles in photoshop. This is I think a Fan Tailed Goldfish. I cant quit remember but still what do you think.

Enjoy Muchly

Monday, 27 August 2012

Masters film reel

Hey Folks!!
This is my masters film reel to show you all how I made the film involving the concept of the characters, animation, environments and compositing. Through learning of these new skills and attributes, I will use them to further my portfolio!!!!

Enjoy muchly!!!

The Final Movie

Hey Folks

Here is the Final Film to my Masters Project "It Sounds Like A Trance" I worked on this project for about a year now and i can say i am really happy with what i have done so sit back relax and... 

Enjoy Muchly

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Scary Scene how I managed to create a world, within a world

Hey Folks

I thought that this composition was in fact the most difficult to make so i will show you how I managed to do it.

Firstly I had to create this background as a drawing and then I scanned it it and painted specific parts in photoshop as separate layers as you can see this allowed me to then be able to animate specific parts to my liking.

the first thing I wanted was to create a world within a world. Now if you watch my post about Batman Arkham Asylum you will notice the inspiration, but i never wanted to copy it but i did however wanted to create a much more bigger hitting impact that you are being placed in another world.

so firstly i animated the background the way i wanted it with moving mouths, glowing lines on the floor, to even a rotating city. Once all this was animated i then created an invert effect in timing to the music to give a sort of rewind effect of going into the world and changing the colour around with some brightness and contrast settings.

Once that was done I noticed the soundtrack goes in reverse so i decided to have the rotating city reveal time in the world and make it go backwards, so i created a time effect on the city which gives the illusion of multiple copies moving backwards in time.

I then used a radial blue of the coloured subwoofers to then quickly speed it back up to normal time in the film pretty cool huh :D. i then keyed all the colours back to normal and got on with the film.

Once i had my characters in the film i wanted to merge different characters into each other so i create a radial blur that rotates and make the character seem like he is disappearing.

The CD shocks orange lightning at the character and through research the reason it is orange lightning is because of heavy dust clouds give off the colour so i used a particle system that starts from the ground and spreads outwards like a vortex. I then gave it a gaussian blur and tweaked the velocity and all sorts of things as you can see below along with colours to match the background. Once done i pre-composed the particles and with some tweaking of opacity and scale i managed to create an effective smoke effect without plug-ins which is awesome because it saved me some money.

For the text i used an 8bit font which was downloaded from the internet and the i animated it on top of the composition, with a lightning effect on top of it to give more of a shocking achievement.

Once all that was done i created a TV warp effect which i grabbed a tutorial from Baker Tutorials on youtube the effect worked very well and was good because this was after the robot scene, which was in fact a TV.

And here is a screen shot of the final comp.

Enjoy Muchly

Batman Arkham Asylum: Crazy Scarecrow Dream HD

Hey Folks 

I want to share an inspiration to my film and its form this game called Batman Arkham Asylum now in this game you become possessed by a villain named scarecrow and i drags you into his world. now you play as batman obviously but in this clip between 2:40 and 2:50 you switch to scarecrow in a white flash and i said to myself i want to have my character do that in the film but switch to the dead alien character.

Enjoy Muchly

The Robot Full Up with Animation Stuff In It

Hey Folks

I never really showed the robot off in this blog much so i will explode your mind with the new version and just how i animated him with just bits and bobs put together.

So under this text you can see the new version of the robot, I wanted it to look like the little guy in some sense and to show that he is going into another world carried by the CD.

In Photoshop firstly I seperated each compontent like his screen, TV box, antennas, hands, arms and the telecom wire. I saved them as PNGs so they never had any white in the background just the plain image. Once that was done i imported each of them into after effects and started to animate them.

I started by having just the screen on its own and have the other parts fly and attach onto him in sync with the music. I did this by setting keyframes and just making a motion path as you can see below.

Once all the components joined I started to animated each component to the timing of the music and just to give it some more characterisation, so I moved his hands in a jerky kind of way and the antennas and all sorts of things. As you can see below I used the soundtrack to get the timing just right with keyframes and some tweaking.

After all the animation was created I thought to myself "ok this is good but it needs something else in it", so i thought to myself what if the robot starts sparking and glitching, so i added a synced wave sectrum which can be generated in after effects and placed it on his screen. I then used a particle system in after effects and make what looks like sparks I then changed the size of the particles along with the colour and created sparks for the robot.

With all this together I pre-composed the robot and added a shadow layer under him to give more of a depth, I had the robot static during the shot and wanted some more movement so I used a "wiggle" expression which is like this e.g wiggle(2,90)  this means that it will move randomly 2 times of 90 degrees which is quite slow and will not created a big amount of movement. I then animated the shadow moving under him to give it just a bit more depth.

And then here we are, the final shot of the robot within the background.

Enjoy Muchly

Underwater Bubble Bass

Hey Folks

So today is the deadline for the project and I am more than ready for it. I have finished the project and since i have not updated this blog in a while i thought that i will just make some last posts before you all come and see my lovely film :)
SO this is the bubble bass that was in the film in the underwater scenes and the sky scene and the forest scene.
For the underwater bubble bass i simply created a new composition and i synced the bubble bases scale proportions to an audio file which matched the same tempo as the soundtrack the reason i never used my own soundtrack is because there is a more goin on in the track than just bass. There are effects and all sorts in there too.

Once i did that i took the bubbles on a separate layer and animated them going away form the rotating blade and then once i was happy with all 3 bubbles moving i simply then pre-composed the layers into 1 and duplicated them to make it look like there were many more :D.

Once all that was done I simply did some rearranging and some tweaking i then finally merged everything together in one composition and there we go a bubble bass. He was then placed into my underwater scene and just simply swam along the scene.

Here is a small video of what it looks like close up.

Enjoy Muchly

Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to export video in After Effects: Adobe After Effects Tutorial CS3, CS4

Hey Folks

I have finally finished comping all my work so now I am ready to export my film in after effects, wwooopppiieee :D. Now this video here shows you how to do just that and how to get the right settings, where to save your work, frame rates, audio, and how to even click the render button.

Enjoy Muchly