Thursday, 9 August 2012

Underwater Bubble Bass

Hey Folks

So today is the deadline for the project and I am more than ready for it. I have finished the project and since i have not updated this blog in a while i thought that i will just make some last posts before you all come and see my lovely film :)
SO this is the bubble bass that was in the film in the underwater scenes and the sky scene and the forest scene.
For the underwater bubble bass i simply created a new composition and i synced the bubble bases scale proportions to an audio file which matched the same tempo as the soundtrack the reason i never used my own soundtrack is because there is a more goin on in the track than just bass. There are effects and all sorts in there too.

Once i did that i took the bubbles on a separate layer and animated them going away form the rotating blade and then once i was happy with all 3 bubbles moving i simply then pre-composed the layers into 1 and duplicated them to make it look like there were many more :D.

Once all that was done I simply did some rearranging and some tweaking i then finally merged everything together in one composition and there we go a bubble bass. He was then placed into my underwater scene and just simply swam along the scene.

Here is a small video of what it looks like close up.

Enjoy Muchly

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