Tuesday, 29 November 2011

frequency test.mov

Hey Folks

Here is another frequency test inspired by Fantasia "The Soundtrack" i experimented with more colours and stuff this time. The song is by Ben Mccluskey full credit for the song goes to him.

Friday, 25 November 2011

After Effects Test Music by DJ Hero - DJ Shadow Six Days Remix ft Mos Def vs D Code Annie's Horn

Hey Folks this is an after effects test i did with one of my favorite music tracks from DJ Hero. Full Credit goes to these guys. So yeah this is me trying to animate a frequency to the track using after effects this is a good tool to use for my masters film i am doing and will hopefully display it in the story boards.

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Check this out

Hey Folks

I was browsing sites for character designs an stuff and i came across this cool website by an artist named Mark Christiansen who has been a character designer, animator and layout artist for companies such as warner bros cartoon network, Nickelodeon and many others.

His work is inspirational for refining my character design so here is his blog and check it out.


Enjoy Muchly

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Demo Chart Sketch

Hey Folks

This is a basic outline of what is hapening to the character when he listens to the Drop Phaser Demo. There might be a few alterations but this is the layour of it anyways.

Comment and

Enjoy Muchly

The Crazy Pictures

Hey Folks

Here are some sketches of what the character could look like when the effects kick in during the film. I have also refined the character a little bit by giving him a personality.

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Droopy Dog-Northwest Hounded Police

Hey Folks

This is Tex Avery's "Northwest Hounded Police" I cant remember the date of this video which is really bad but it is a cartoon about a wolf who escapes from Prison and Sgt Mcpoodle is after him. In succession the wolf tries to escape but Mcpoodle is always behind him and he lets out these screams whichs gets wackier and wackier all the time. The cartoon deals with Paranoia in a sense when he closes multiple doors for safety.

Enjoy Muchly

First Bit of the Test.avi

Hey Folks

This is the first half of the line test the other ten seconds still needs to be done this is the character interacting with the music CD it then overtakes his body.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bounce Flange pitch Ffrequency

Hey Folks

This is another frequency test i did.

full credit for this demo goes to Ben Mccluskey.

atomic drop phaser frequency. Music and copywright by Ben Mclusky

Hey folks

This is a test that i did in after effects where i was able to turn the music into a frequency wave this is for use of my aniamtion test that i am brewing up just now halfway there now :D. This is quite simple actually to do in after effects but awel you live n learn.

Full credit for creation of this music Demo goes to Ben Mccluskey. Ben is an awesome guy who works in kennys music in the town of Dundee. He offered to help me work on my project and create some cool demos for me to animate.

Enjoy Muchly

Adobe After Effects WaveForm(Modern Warfare 2)

Hey Folks here is a Modern Warfare video it was not created by them but it was to be an influence from the actual game video.

They use after effects to get this effects i am trying to do this myself.

enjoy muchly


Hey Folks

This is Dubstep Guns which was made by CorridorDigital. It is a short action film that is basically bad guys vs good guys but the good guys have these awesome DUBSTEP GUNS these guns shoot beams of light at their enemies which manipulates the music and takes their enemy right out. this was done in after effects using a plug in called TrackPod Particular.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HTC Sensation XL Ad feat. New SebastiAn Track "X Hollow"

Hey Folks

This is the new HTC XL Sensation advert.

The advert is about a girl who listens to her new Sensation XL phone and while she is listening to it everything she touches reacts to the bass of the music. There are a lot of cool things that happen from beards growing bigger to corn popping like mad. The inspiration for this is i am trying to animate a character getting bigger and bigger every time the bass is heard. The best example of this is when near the end a rabbit grows bigger and bigger. Im sure the beat is in 2/4 which is the same as the demo my DJ has given me.


enjoy muchly

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fantasia 1940 - The Soundtrack

Hey Folks

This is a short clip from the 1940s film "Fantsasia" the clip describes what a line can perform when the narrator asks to play a certain instrument. The line will then show abstract waves or lines that demonstrates the sound the instrument plays. This is a nice example of what synaesthesia is.

enjoy muchly

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mirror bass

Hey Folks.

I was driving home the other night and i was in the mood for some bass so i put the music up loud enough to feel it. I stopped in a flow of traffic and i looked behind in the mirror and saw everyone's light moving in time with the bass. It was crazy but it is what i have been looking for in terms with effects for the short film when the bass hits really high.

Enjoy Muchly

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Story of my project

Hey Folks

So although i have been doing synaesthesia tests, drawing up characters and looking up influences in animations etc. I have not mentioned what the story is about. I have been giving it some thought and i now have a synopsis.

In a music world filled with instruments and musical accessories scattered everywhere. Our character Midi finds himself bored and frustrated about what music to listen to. He finds a mysterious mp3 player, and with curiosity he plugs it into himself. The music then takes controls his body and mind to make him do all sorts of crazy things.

I still have not figured out an ending yet but knowing me it will be something crazy :D.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Test Synaesthesia on yourself

Hey Folks

So here are the links to the tracks that you can listen to for my synaesthesia test.
What to do is;

1. make sure you are comfortable, in your bedroom would be best.

2. no distractions maybe a dim lit room would be good.

3. keep hydrated it helps the brain flow more easily.

4. have a pretty good set of headphones don't play it out your laptop it sounds a bit nasty, you could plug in your earphones BUT NO LAPTOP SPEAKERS.

5. listen to the tracks in the order of the tests.

6. play the effects tracks for at least 30-50 secs max the artists tracks can be 1:00-2:00.

here are the links to the tracks

Effects Music FX Live



Low Pass Filter

High Pass Filter

Formant Filter



Artists Tracks

Photek: "Avalanche"


Photek: "Aviator"


Deadmau5: "The Reward is Cheese"


Daft Punk: "Mothership Reconnection"


Daft Punk: "Rollin & Scratchin" (Cut in about 2:37 for this track)


DJ Shortee: “Frosty Fresh Cuts”


Skrillex: "First of the year"


Remember to comment and if you want, type out your report and send them to the blog.
if you have pictures and want to send me them. then post on my facebook or my mail address blindsay@dundee.ac.uk

Enjoy Muchly

Synaesthesia The conclusion

Hey Folks

so you have all looked at he results and here is a summary of what i have gathered for each track. you guys might think different but thats good. if you have any comments or think there is something i have missed then comment and let me know this is good for my research and argument discussions.

so here we go!

Track 1: The Flanger Effect.

There was a lot of positive energy coming from the subjects and some of them were experiencing visuals of jumping beats and circles to represent the beat.

Track 2: The Phaser effect.

The subjects were experiencing heavy pressurised negative energy. This could be the result of why some of them were feeling waves passing through them or a sense of heavier gravity.

Track 1-2

I believe that these two tracks were able to change a persons mood from one to another right away just by the way the effects triggered their minds. this was in a space of 1 minute max between each track.

Track 3: The Low Pass Filter Effect

The subjects were feeling cool colours most particularly blues but what was interesting about this effects was that they were experiencing a change in pressure and felt liquidated like they were underwater. a subject drew a ripple like shape which could represent the water effect.

This track was able to bring the person into an environment beyond belief like underwater.

Track 4: The high Pass Filter Effect.

The subjects were experiencing movement in a mechanical way like a robot. They were experiencing technical visions like digital images like waves and circular shapes and square like patterns moving along like a heart monitor.

Track 5: The Formant Filter Effect

The subjects changed their moods and were happy and jolly, but were moving in an odd way. They were feeling like a coil spring and quite bouncy like a rabbit.

track 4-5

I believe that these two tracks were able to make you move in a certain way.

Track 6: The Delay Effect

The subjects felt a repetitive movement and visuals. Some were seeing squares moving along while another saw a line move like a "Slinky" toy and someone saw what looks like a factory machine moving up and down. this track was able to make the listener see patterns moving from their own imagination.

Track 7: The Reverb Effect.

The subjects felt a sense of speed in a track and having a feeling of anticipation waiting to feel that speed like a roller coaster ride. if you notice some subjects drew a graph or drawings but were ascending.

Artist Track 1: Photek "Avalanche".

The subjects were feeling a dark and serious atmosphere. Some subjects were visualising beats but in the form of a heart monitor.

Artist Track 2: Photek "Aviator".

The subjects were feeling really happy and high, experiencing a sense of weightlessness.

Artist Track 3: Deadmau5 "The Reward is Cheese".

The subjects were visualising a bouncing motion again like the "Slinky" effect and when the build up came in the track the subjects were visualising hot steam coming from a train or a pot.

Artist Track 4: Daft Punk "Mothership Reconnection"

The subjects were experiencing being in an environment of some sort with robots and things being smashed up like glass.

Artist Track 5: Daft Punk "Rollin and Scratchin"

There was a sense of making this track feel like a sound effect, the subjects experienced being in a car but skidding everywhere along a track or a road. some others felt like a bird squawking.

Artist Track 6: DJ Shortee "Frosty Fresh Cuts"

Nobody experienced anything from this track apart from confusion from the scratching effects. however this could be explored more because there were lots of different emotions, ideas, colours and visions.

Artist Track 7: Skrillex "First of the Year, Equinox"

This was the most interesting results of the rest, this track was in the form of a Dubstep genre and this was not experienced in the effects track before. i deliberately put this at the end to see what would happen to the subjects. Every subject was experiencing a vision in thier own head of a happy place or happy environment using their imagination. One in which stands out was aliens on a beach being very happy and relaxing on their home planet. As soon as the dubstep kicked in everyone was feeling a sense of chaos destruction and hatred. For the alien on humans invaded their planet and destroyed everything. Also some subjects were dealing with exploding colours, strange visual patters but these were not repetitive they were all over the place. These visuals were making a new path every time.


The reason i picked those tracks and those effects is because i can feel a different visual impact from each one i listen to. plus the artists tracks were some of my favourite songs and i need to have fun in my project too you know.

Although the test was successful to show synaesthesia in subjects and to show that everyone is feeling a certain connection with each other in the music. I believe that it is all based on the personality of the person. Some of the subjects i tested loved computer games, opera singer, rock and roll fans, punk fans, pop fans, people from different countries nationalities. Although everybody came up with a common link it was based on their own visual impact. This is what i am trying to research for the visualisation project

So what to do next?

well what i am going to do next is hold a synaesthesia test on myself. If i believe it is all based on the personality of the subject. Then what would happen if i listened to music from other peoples favourite tracks. Could i experience the same type of synaesthesia from their music the same as i can with mines, or will it be something different. could my visual impact share a common link with theirs when they listen to their favourite track.

So i have asked the subjects who i have tested to pick a soundtrack that they feel a great visual impact upon. I will then test myself and report the results. then i will speak to the person who picked the soundtrack and see if my visuals were common with theirs when they listen to it.

The feedback i got was pretty interesting too. Somebody mentioned that what if you made them sit in a dim lit room and made them listen to it on their own with a set of coloured pencils next to them. somebody also mentioned that i need to get different tracks for them to listen to. so i am going to hold another one in the next few weeks and try again.

So there you have it, pretty interesting don't you say?. If you would like to do a synaesthesia test on yourself i will upload links to the effects and artists tracks on here for you to try. Comment and share your thoughts of your own results.

Enjoy Muchly.

Synaesthesia. The Results.

Hey Folks

Here we have the synaesthesia tests and the results.

So what i did was study what effects DJs use in their music to make things sound cooler and more appropriate to the track. I have also picked tracks in which artists use these effects in them. The goal was to find out if there were any common elements within the music that people may hear see or think about. This could either be a colour, an environment, a scene of their imagination, shapes, objects of most importantly a feeling.

So here is the tracks and the artist's songs that i used.



Effects Tracks (http://www.musicfxlive.com/dj_effects)



Low Pass Filter

High Pass Filter

Formant Filter



Artists Tracks

Photek: Avalanche

Photek: Aviator

Deadmau5: The Reward is Cheese

Daft Punk: Mothership Reconnection

Daft Punk: Rollin & Scratchin

DJ Shortee: “Frosty Fresh Cuts”

Skrillex: First of the year

So here is the comparison results for each of the subjects tested.