Friday, 9 November 2012

Inspirational Cartoons

Hey Folks

Im considering going for the more cartoon style basset hound style just form looking up these pictures and "Rover Dangerfield" which i loved as a child has just totally inspired me to go back to the board and draw up a cartoon design for my basset hound character.

Enjoy Muchly


Hey Folks

I found a model of a basset hound somewhere and decided to take it and use it as a way to try and simplify my basset hound character for animating this is what i came up with. Its not much and bitty chunky but it shows just what a basset looks like and gives me an easier option.

i might play about with the eyes a bit and might make it slightly more cartoony but im trying to get more realism rather than cartoon but then again who's to say that i cant just create a basset hound cartoon character.

More coming soon

Enjoy Muchly

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

lovely basset hound piccys

Hey Folks

So i got my basset hound to walk and model for me and i managed to get a much better understanding of her skin and weight when she moves. I came up with some sketches to show off what i have been talking about in the previous posts. I even drew up what the frames of the foot are doing in 2s on the bottom of the page.

So this is the front of the legs and as you can see i drew the keyframes and if you look when the foot goes down all the weight goes down with it. As it moves from the down into the pass position the skin folds onto the back of her leg then it rests as it progresses upwards.

The backlegs are very interesting because if you look at the keyframes here when the contact position come into frame the skin and the weight are at its highest point then it starts the flop down on the down position, as the leg progresses forwards the skin rests before the pass position and then starts to move around the leg and back upwards to hit the contact again.

Enjoy Muchly

Flash Walking

hey Folks 

This is a video fo my basset hound flash walking up the road>this will help me get some much better studies of how she moves for animation.

Enjoy Muchly

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey Folks

This is a sketch of the bodystocking of a basset hound this shows the weight and poise of the animal.

this will help give ma a basic kick off of the animation process to the basset walk cycle :).

wish me luck with this :D

Enjoy Muchly

Basset Sketches

Hey Folks

Been a while since my last post haha this is not good, been working quite a lot to get some pennies in the pocket but no worries this basset project is still going on.

So today i had a day off and finally got down to some sketching to understand the weight and the look of how a basset should be like. Now I painted the face of a basset so thats under the belt but what about the paws and the body.

So here are some quick sketches of paws and the body.

I really like this one as it shows the back of the foot relaxed and gives the image of overlapping the skin with tone and understanding of fat and muscle.

This is showing the basset lying down and gives off a nice study of the ears and what they look like when relaxed. very floppy part of the animal but they have bone structure that helps keep the heavy ears upward when walking.

Sketch of the front paw relaxed the basset was getting anxious and was beginning to know that i was using him for something so he began to start moving quite a lot.

This shows the back of the basset sitting down, they have quite big bottoms i might say and heavy top back aswel.

This is my favourite because i managed to get the bassets foot showing all it weight onto its front paw. This shows in great depth of the overlapping skin and just shows how much weight this basset really carries when walking.

More coming soon I promise this time.

Enjoy Muchly