Sunday, 15 June 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014

new watercolour portrait. pure experimentation on this one.

For this portrait i just simply picked a colour and if i liked it, then i placed it on. not bad for mucking about i feel that it is working but i feel that it might be a bit too dark in some places so it needs brightening up. only an hours study so would be better it i did a much longer sit.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

few sketches here n there

this is a couple of sketches i did in watercolour and charcoal. the practice was a technique called chiaroscuro which is light and dark studies :)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Zoo time again this time sea world

I was at seaworld looking at all the awesome animals :D. its strange what you learn about these guys and how you can apply them to your own designs :)

a whole bunch of arms

here is a collection of my recent arm studies that i have been doing over the past few weeks on a monday night. its amazing just how many actual muscles and structures there are in just your arm from the top to the bottom. Next is hands which i am dreading but im sure i will be awesome at drawing hands after ive finished this up. one things for sure is that i really need to work on my hatching skills.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dog bust still life

hour study of a dog bust with harsh strong lighting from the left side standing on top of  red shirt

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Perspective is a must.

A few drawings of building that i drew it was merely just sketches but as i did a couple more i thought about learning more about perspective might be a bit essential here.

Dragon Sketch

Off Topic Dragon Sketch :P

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Master Studies Rybens

Nice master study of paul rybens work. I really love how he uses cool colours for the skin and the burnt sienna to push the warmth of the reflected light in his face. about an hour to do this one and im quite happy with it, I feel like i am beginning to develop a specific style of how i render with bold strokes and then getting smaller and smaller. I could take this way way further but Im not here to copy someone else i am my own person but what this was for was to understand the study of the painting and learn how to paint and render like them.

Study of the ear. "HATAL"

Sorry i haven't been posting a lot recently ive been pretty busy and i got food poisoning over the weekend. Anyways here is some studies that i have done about the ear. Every time i see a digital painting or even sometimes artwork i notice that the ear isnt completed, why is that i don't understand. To me personally i feel that it might be because the ear is quite difficult to draw. So i decided to do a study of the ear and learn the structure, colour, muscles and how characters have an ear designed for them.

Here are the muscle structures of the ear from each angle. now although ive listed the muscles here if you notice though i keep putting the word "HATAL" this word is important because it spell out the most important landmarks of the ear, Helix, Anti Helix, Tragus, Anti Tragus and Lobe. The sketches on the right side show these landmarks.

This show where the ears are usually placed on the head and in terms of perspective if the head moves down then the ears go up and vice versa. 

To colour an ear is very interesting because our ears are somewhat transparent like an orange. when light shines through them they become much brighter and more saturated in red and pinks. The trick for ears is to always think in warm colours because there is so much circulation around that area. This makes a lot of sense because on the face itself you tend to have more blood flow in the middle of your face and from the sketch above your ears are placed in the middle of you face.

Here are tyrpical sketches of what a creature of character would have with exaggerated ears.

This sketch os what you can do to take the ear to its full potential of exaggeration. Notice that the helix is what is mostly used to portray a character by changing it form you can get something totally different.

Here are a few of my sketches to show what you can do to an ear without doing so much to the helix you can create all kinds of characters with using the rest of the ears muscles or important landmarks such as the "HATAL" remember this word when it comes to ears and you will be fine :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Watercolour Moody Portrait.

Ive been watching a lot of lecuian freud recently and i understood that he wanted to portray a sense of feeling into his paintings and in this one i was a bit moody and frustrated because i couldn't get the watercolour to work. Then a woman came upto me and said i was doing it all wrong. How could i be doing it wrong its art and its about expressing yourself. I believe that a good artist can portray anything they want into a painting and still get a likeness of the model. I cant tell its me and so did others when they saw it. anyways once i got past the frustration i started to experiment with all kinds of colours and sorts and i began enjoying my painting a whole lot more. I still need to learn a ton about watercolour but i cans ee more coming in the future as i really enjoy this type of work and get a great sense of stimulation from it.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Concept Cookie Mother Nature Challenge

I found a good concept website calle concept cookie and they usually have some little challenges going on here and there and To push me into actually making some work i thought well why not try on of the challenges. 

This wa sa mother nature challenge concept so i decided to go for the whole giving birth to life kind of situation. The mother is represented by a goose because for some reason "Mother Goose" came into mind and i thought it worked quite well :).

I made a few custom brushes for the trees and tried to play around with more cool colours for this drawing because i feel that nature is more cool than warm

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Master Studies

These are my first attempts at some master studies, the first set is learning some composition done in just  black and white and second is some colour studies. It was a very good practice in terms of being able to pick colours and understanding just how the masters did them.

First attempts and they do need some improvement and i really really need to learn to just calm down and stop trying to push it so fast and really sit back and focus on what i am actually looking at rather than quickly get it done and move onto the next one.

The portrait at the bottom i forced myself to take my time with it and i feel it came out well.

The nose

This is a few sketches of noses from learning the parts of the nose like the nasal bridge, wings and the lateral wall. To simplifying the nose into 3 basic shapes to remember for drawing in future sketches. I even studied how noses have changed onto different characters and tried to come up with a few of my own.

Museum Sketches

Yesterday i took my girlfriend ot the museum, however it was not just for the sake of looking at things. It was an opportunity to study things from life i did deliberately take longs breaks in between because i did want to see the museum because it was my first time there and i was late upon arriving. These sketches were about 5-30 mins each depending on how i felt but i learned a lot from these sketches.