Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EKG Effect in After Effects (Heart Monitor)

Hey Folks

so if you have been following my blog and watching my storyboard you will notice that the little guy picks up a CD case which has a weird heart rate like monitor on it.

well i came across this tutorial which shows you how to do it. :D

i am making the video as you read this and i will post it to show you my little vid once i am done with it.

Enjoy Muchly

Monday, 5 December 2011

Howto: Hack DJ Hero Controller for Computer

Hey Folks

This is a guy who has managed to connect his DJ Hero controller to his computer and use sound mixing equipment to play about with. This is a pretty neat trick and would be cool to try out. This guy is only playing about with it to show you it all works like a real deck but i will see if i can mix my tracks using this. If it doesnt work then i will learn to to play real decks.

enjoy muchly

DJ Hero Video THE VISUALS DJ Hero // Party Play // Herbie Hancock - Rockit // Expert (Hardest Song...

Hey Folks

This is a party play video of DJ Hero the main thing to look at here is the visuals. When the player hits specific notes the video will take effect like for example; change colour invert or make a glitch effect to scratching or jumping between songs its pretty cool so check it out :D the songs ok but not one of my favourites.

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Hey Folks

This is My Programme Of Study (Updated)

My references so far

Hey Folks

These are my references so far for my Masters project

Animations by John K

Kricfalusi, J. (1991) “The Ren and Stimpy Show Introduction” California United States, Paramount, Nickelodeon


Avery, T. (1946) “Northwest Hounded Police” Los Angeles California, Metro Golden Mayer, Quimby, F

Brainheart Music http://www.brainheartmusic.com/

Barnes Luke (November 2007) http://letterstonature.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/a-lesson-in-neurology-from-jimi-hendrix/

Clampett Robert (1938) “Porky in Egypt” Warner Brothers, MGM, united States

Cholodenko Alan (4th April 2011) http://sydney.edu.au/arts/art_history_film/staff/acholodenko.shtml Department of Art History and Film Studies.

George Gibby, (2010) http://drexelpublishing.org/2010/03/26/synesthesia-is-a-gift-not-a-disorder/

Groening Matt (1999) Futurama August 10, 2003The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings” 20th Century Fox, United States California.

Michael (January 3rd 2008) http://www.press.uillinois.edu/wordpress/?p=177 University of Illnois

Mixes by The DJ Hero Franchise http://www.djhero.com/en-gb/music/index

Songs by Daft Punk Musique Vol 1 1993-2005 “Rollin n Scratchin”, “Mothership Reconnection” Virgin Records

Songs by Deadmau5; (2008) Deadmau5 Feat Rob Swire“Ghosts n Stuff”, Ultra, (2007) “The Reward is Cheese”

Songs by Skrillex; Skrillex (June 7th, 2011) “Equinox First of the Year” Big Beat

Walt, Disney (1940) “Fantasia” Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures, United States.

Critical Theory Alan Cholodenko

Hey Folks

For one of our modules in the Masters we had to find a critical theorist and find out what they get up to.

I was given Alan Cholodenko.

Here is a picture of him

Dr Alan Cholodenko Dept of Art History and Film Studies

Alan Cholodenko explains the articulation of film theory with animation theory and both contemporary french thought. He Explains this through lectures to his students and also in his books.

The Illusion of Life Essays on Animation

The Illusion of Life More Essays on Animation

His influences to write these essays on animation came from his Children when they would watch pleasing Saturday morning cartoons, He took animation for granted as a student and a tutor himself and writing the illusion of life. throughout the years he managed to respect animation during his studies and realised that not only is animation a form of film, but itself is a form of animation.

Film has never not been animation but more as film and film theory which should be re-thought through animation and animation theory to be media studies. Animation has been stated as a form of Graphic art rather than film at all but states that animation is for the public film and as well as media studies.

Cholodenko explains that over the years animation has increasingly moved forward and presented itself as the most compelling subject of contemporary film but also in the contemporary world itself. So for example people do not realise that we constantly animate all the time whether it is making a cup of tea or describing to a friend a theft you saw in the supermarket the other day. People only believe that animation is only displayed in films and based as a lower form of film production. He also explains that this theory is needed throughout the world on television to tell a story or to simulate things on computer screens to explain difficulties.

"We live in a world increasingly animated, at the same time acknowledging that the world was never not animated. " Cholodenko January 30th 2008

This relates to what i explained in my theory of animation about how the world needs it for entertainment, simulations for training and many others wether it is in 2D or 3D.

Fry plays holophonor

Hey Folks

This is the Futurama episode "The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings" Fry (the main character) tries very hard to learn how to play a holophoner flute that can display visuals of the music that is being played. The reason he tries hard to play is to prove to leela his love. Unfortunately he is not very good so he makes a bet with the devil to swap hands in order to play very well. Everything goes wrong and fry must fight back to restore everything to normal.

This shows a good example of synaesthesia in a visual way.

Enjoy Muchly

Where Do I Stand In All of This

I feel that i stand in the front of the queue just now because 2D animation is coming back for the likes of Apps that are now using 2D animations for computer games, programming apps and even videos. Companies are finding ways to use 2D in a cheaper way for production so this is why i want to keep going with 2D becuase i know i will become valuable in the future.

Stevie Wonder His Albums

Hey Folks

Whilst researching Jimmy Hendrix i discovered that Stevie Wonder had synaesthesia aswel. He used Synthesisers in his music to create visuals of harmony in the listener. Stevie Wonder felt love when he listened to music and wanted others to feel the same. I feel that even his album covers show his synaesthesia just by the way the artwork has been displayed on the album.

Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

Hey Folks

So I have been Doing a bit more research of Synaesthesia in a more musical term, as mentioned in the earlier posts Jimmy Hendrix had synaesthesia.

So why Purple Haze? Well i have been doing a bit of research and i found out that Jimmy Hendrix made a chord which is believe it or not "The Jimmy Hendrix Chord"

Postdoctoral Researcher Luke Barnes describes the chord as "dominant 7 #9 chord – e.g. C7#9 contains the notes C E GBb D#. The dissonance between the E and the D# (the major and minor third in C respectively) creates the gritty, edgy, crunchy rock sound that Hendrix uses in Foxy Lady and Purple Haze."

Quite Interesting isn't it :D

They say that when Jimmy Hendrix Played this particular chord for the introduction to the song he thought he could see a Purple Haze.

Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.

Enjoy Muchly

Defenition Of Animation+Timeline

Hey Folks

I will explain in my own theory the Definition of Animation.

Aniamtion What is?

well in my oppinion animation is a series of still frames placed to be shown one after the other in a motion of 25 frames per second in which helps to create a moving picture.
However i feel that you should use your imagination as the key advantage to animation. This stuff isnt real so you have to make it interesting. there is no point in creating a piece in which can be done through live action.
On the other hand aniamtion has been used to help in real life situations. For exmple a car accident simulation, exploring the human body or descibing a predatiors movement up close because they are too dangerous to apporach in real life.
The media of animation has changed over the years it can be hand drawn, made in 3D, stop motion and lots more. My discipline comes into the 2D side of it in which i feel that i can push my limitations to the full.

Here is a Timeline of Animation.

The Timeline of Animation explains what has been going on over the past 90 years. The cool thing is that the technology and the skill of animation improves every ten years as described by The Creator of Pixar Animations Alvy Ray.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Storyboard the first half.mov

Hey Folks

Hey Folks this is the first half of the storyboard to my masters film.

It shows the introduction to where the little guy lives, what he gets up to and shows what nasty surprises await him

Enjoy muchly

The Epic Headphones

Hey Folks

Take a look at the new headphones by BKL 1 industries haha, Dr Dre eat your heart out we went all the road to make these special headphones for the little guys in the music world.

Enjoy Muchly

Extra Effects

hey Folks

These are some extra little sketches of what i can do with other effects in the film.

Enjoy Muchly
Hey Folks

This is a character sheet for the little guy looking at his CDs and stuff.

Enjoy Muchly

Model Sheet for the Little Guy

Hey Folks

This is a model sheet of the little guy i haven't given him a name yet im not sure what to call him. Anyways he has been improved and looks a lot better. The design is more of a mickey mouse construction but with bigger eyes and more exaggerated features rather than more soft and precise.

Enjoy Muchly

Background Attempt 2

Hey Folks

This is the 2nd attempt at my background design for the environment that out little guy lives in. So i have changed the mountain design to something more Dr Seuss style as you can see plus the mountain is made up of midi cables and there are more of these mountains in the background to show that there are other little guys out there.

I have also shows a silhouette of him sitting on top of the mountain in which i will zoom in to to start off the film. The basses and stuff could be on separate layers for bass effects and stuff.

There needs to be some improvements, i will take the basses out at the bottom of the mountains and add a mist, the cables around the mountain need to be refined. Add a bit more style to the basses at the front make them more detailed and the midi cable at the side could be pushed up to see the whole thing and i think thats it.

Enjoy Muchly

Background attempt 1

Hey Folks

This is my first attempt at a background for the environment that our little guy lives in. I was thinking of like mountains and things with basses and cables everywhere. To be honest i don't really like this one theres not much going on and doesn't explain much

Try to enjoy muchly

Character Effect Models

Hey Folks

Sorry i have been away for a while i have been working at home and doing some extras for you guys to have a look at.

Here are some model sheets of what out little character would look like when certain effects will take place now every one of these will obviously not be able to all go in but i will pick a few of these and uses them depending on how the final soundtrack will look like :D

Phaser Model Sheet

Low Pass Filter Model Sheet

High Pass Filter Model Sheet
Flanger Model Sheet

Bass Model Sheet
Enjoy Muchly