Monday, 5 December 2011

My references so far

Hey Folks

These are my references so far for my Masters project

Animations by John K

Kricfalusi, J. (1991) “The Ren and Stimpy Show Introduction” California United States, Paramount, Nickelodeon

Avery, T. (1946) “Northwest Hounded Police” Los Angeles California, Metro Golden Mayer, Quimby, F

Brainheart Music

Barnes Luke (November 2007)

Clampett Robert (1938) “Porky in Egypt” Warner Brothers, MGM, united States

Cholodenko Alan (4th April 2011) Department of Art History and Film Studies.

George Gibby, (2010)

Groening Matt (1999) Futurama August 10, 2003The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings” 20th Century Fox, United States California.

Michael (January 3rd 2008) University of Illnois

Mixes by The DJ Hero Franchise

Songs by Daft Punk Musique Vol 1 1993-2005 “Rollin n Scratchin”, “Mothership Reconnection” Virgin Records

Songs by Deadmau5; (2008) Deadmau5 Feat Rob Swire“Ghosts n Stuff”, Ultra, (2007) “The Reward is Cheese”

Songs by Skrillex; Skrillex (June 7th, 2011) “Equinox First of the Year” Big Beat

Walt, Disney (1940) “Fantasia” Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures, United States.

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