Friday, 2 December 2011

Background Attempt 2

Hey Folks

This is the 2nd attempt at my background design for the environment that out little guy lives in. So i have changed the mountain design to something more Dr Seuss style as you can see plus the mountain is made up of midi cables and there are more of these mountains in the background to show that there are other little guys out there.

I have also shows a silhouette of him sitting on top of the mountain in which i will zoom in to to start off the film. The basses and stuff could be on separate layers for bass effects and stuff.

There needs to be some improvements, i will take the basses out at the bottom of the mountains and add a mist, the cables around the mountain need to be refined. Add a bit more style to the basses at the front make them more detailed and the midi cable at the side could be pushed up to see the whole thing and i think thats it.

Enjoy Muchly

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