Monday, 5 December 2011

Defenition Of Animation+Timeline

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I will explain in my own theory the Definition of Animation.

Aniamtion What is?

well in my oppinion animation is a series of still frames placed to be shown one after the other in a motion of 25 frames per second in which helps to create a moving picture.
However i feel that you should use your imagination as the key advantage to animation. This stuff isnt real so you have to make it interesting. there is no point in creating a piece in which can be done through live action.
On the other hand aniamtion has been used to help in real life situations. For exmple a car accident simulation, exploring the human body or descibing a predatiors movement up close because they are too dangerous to apporach in real life.
The media of animation has changed over the years it can be hand drawn, made in 3D, stop motion and lots more. My discipline comes into the 2D side of it in which i feel that i can push my limitations to the full.

Here is a Timeline of Animation.

The Timeline of Animation explains what has been going on over the past 90 years. The cool thing is that the technology and the skill of animation improves every ten years as described by The Creator of Pixar Animations Alvy Ray.

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