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Critical Theory Alan Cholodenko

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For one of our modules in the Masters we had to find a critical theorist and find out what they get up to.

I was given Alan Cholodenko.

Here is a picture of him

Dr Alan Cholodenko Dept of Art History and Film Studies

Alan Cholodenko explains the articulation of film theory with animation theory and both contemporary french thought. He Explains this through lectures to his students and also in his books.

The Illusion of Life Essays on Animation

The Illusion of Life More Essays on Animation

His influences to write these essays on animation came from his Children when they would watch pleasing Saturday morning cartoons, He took animation for granted as a student and a tutor himself and writing the illusion of life. throughout the years he managed to respect animation during his studies and realised that not only is animation a form of film, but itself is a form of animation.

Film has never not been animation but more as film and film theory which should be re-thought through animation and animation theory to be media studies. Animation has been stated as a form of Graphic art rather than film at all but states that animation is for the public film and as well as media studies.

Cholodenko explains that over the years animation has increasingly moved forward and presented itself as the most compelling subject of contemporary film but also in the contemporary world itself. So for example people do not realise that we constantly animate all the time whether it is making a cup of tea or describing to a friend a theft you saw in the supermarket the other day. People only believe that animation is only displayed in films and based as a lower form of film production. He also explains that this theory is needed throughout the world on television to tell a story or to simulate things on computer screens to explain difficulties.

"We live in a world increasingly animated, at the same time acknowledging that the world was never not animated. " Cholodenko January 30th 2008

This relates to what i explained in my theory of animation about how the world needs it for entertainment, simulations for training and many others wether it is in 2D or 3D.

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