Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Watercolour Moody Portrait.

Ive been watching a lot of lecuian freud recently and i understood that he wanted to portray a sense of feeling into his paintings and in this one i was a bit moody and frustrated because i couldn't get the watercolour to work. Then a woman came upto me and said i was doing it all wrong. How could i be doing it wrong its art and its about expressing yourself. I believe that a good artist can portray anything they want into a painting and still get a likeness of the model. I cant tell its me and so did others when they saw it. anyways once i got past the frustration i started to experiment with all kinds of colours and sorts and i began enjoying my painting a whole lot more. I still need to learn a ton about watercolour but i cans ee more coming in the future as i really enjoy this type of work and get a great sense of stimulation from it.

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