Thursday, 15 May 2014

Anatomy Study The Breasts

Iv always found it quite difficult to draw the female breasts, it either might be because I am embarrassed of getting them wrong or i just don't know the anatomy of the properly. I decided that I needed to get the book out and learn. I found out that the breasts are separated in the middle by the sternum creating a narrow gap so the easiest way to draw any size for construction is to think of them as an upside down heart shape. I figured out that there are 2 types of breasts, the flushed and raised type flushed is where the nipple is lowered down and pushes the form of the breasts downwards and raised... well you get the idea.

I see a lof ot illustrators draw the breast high up the chest and make it to believe that they sit near the pectorials major but they are below them and they actually sit somewhere in the middle to the lower region of the chest.

Depending on the size of the model or breasts, the breasts move and form around the female body and actually push more outwards rather than in, also in this picture below, the female has a raised arm and in doing so has in fact ascended the breasts position because the shoulder has stretched the chest upwards. this has caused the breast to slightly move upward.

It is always important to think of the proportions of the body and when it comes to the breasts big or small, they will always be in different positions. However this diagram below can give a good indication of where to get a general idea of where to place the breast or as i call the big heart. So i show below here that 1 1/2 heads down starts the point of the big heart which is to the bottom of the collarbone. Again depending on the size you can then start to judge the size and where the breasts rest on the pectorials. for this one it is about 2 heads down is the nipple. I also wrote a reminder that if you want to start off the torso you can place a line down from the connection of the breast and armpit.

There are still questions to be answered like what do breasts look like on larger women or different raced women. A few more studies and i should have the answer.

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