Sunday, 11 May 2014

Colour Studies

I have not worked on my blog for a long time but it needs to change so that you guys can see my work again trust me I have been doing a lot of work its just that i place it on my facebook or dont have the time to upload but this will be more regular.

So this is a colour study that I underwent, it consumed an hour and was to understand colour theory. This is a shot from "Rango" The exercise was to try and accurately match the colours of the shot i was not really caring about proportions and form here so it is a bit off. I feel that this was a good study and i managed to grasp some of the colour especially within the eye of the toy fish. I noticed that the colours changed further down making the toy more saturated to red as it wend darker in value. it doesnt need to be black all the time to get a sense of dark and even a slight change to a more monochrome colour can affect the tonal changes like under the eye for example.

from the original image under i can understand that the drawing could make a lot of improvements, for example the tail is too harsh and can be toned down a bit the water is a lot more greener that I made it out to be and the eye shade is too saturated in the blue spectrum.

However it was a successful study and more regular studies of this will come.

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