Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Synaesthesia. The Results.

Hey Folks

Here we have the synaesthesia tests and the results.

So what i did was study what effects DJs use in their music to make things sound cooler and more appropriate to the track. I have also picked tracks in which artists use these effects in them. The goal was to find out if there were any common elements within the music that people may hear see or think about. This could either be a colour, an environment, a scene of their imagination, shapes, objects of most importantly a feeling.

So here is the tracks and the artist's songs that i used.



Effects Tracks (http://www.musicfxlive.com/dj_effects)



Low Pass Filter

High Pass Filter

Formant Filter



Artists Tracks

Photek: Avalanche

Photek: Aviator

Deadmau5: The Reward is Cheese

Daft Punk: Mothership Reconnection

Daft Punk: Rollin & Scratchin

DJ Shortee: “Frosty Fresh Cuts”

Skrillex: First of the year

So here is the comparison results for each of the subjects tested.

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