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Synaesthesia The conclusion

Hey Folks

so you have all looked at he results and here is a summary of what i have gathered for each track. you guys might think different but thats good. if you have any comments or think there is something i have missed then comment and let me know this is good for my research and argument discussions.

so here we go!

Track 1: The Flanger Effect.

There was a lot of positive energy coming from the subjects and some of them were experiencing visuals of jumping beats and circles to represent the beat.

Track 2: The Phaser effect.

The subjects were experiencing heavy pressurised negative energy. This could be the result of why some of them were feeling waves passing through them or a sense of heavier gravity.

Track 1-2

I believe that these two tracks were able to change a persons mood from one to another right away just by the way the effects triggered their minds. this was in a space of 1 minute max between each track.

Track 3: The Low Pass Filter Effect

The subjects were feeling cool colours most particularly blues but what was interesting about this effects was that they were experiencing a change in pressure and felt liquidated like they were underwater. a subject drew a ripple like shape which could represent the water effect.

This track was able to bring the person into an environment beyond belief like underwater.

Track 4: The high Pass Filter Effect.

The subjects were experiencing movement in a mechanical way like a robot. They were experiencing technical visions like digital images like waves and circular shapes and square like patterns moving along like a heart monitor.

Track 5: The Formant Filter Effect

The subjects changed their moods and were happy and jolly, but were moving in an odd way. They were feeling like a coil spring and quite bouncy like a rabbit.

track 4-5

I believe that these two tracks were able to make you move in a certain way.

Track 6: The Delay Effect

The subjects felt a repetitive movement and visuals. Some were seeing squares moving along while another saw a line move like a "Slinky" toy and someone saw what looks like a factory machine moving up and down. this track was able to make the listener see patterns moving from their own imagination.

Track 7: The Reverb Effect.

The subjects felt a sense of speed in a track and having a feeling of anticipation waiting to feel that speed like a roller coaster ride. if you notice some subjects drew a graph or drawings but were ascending.

Artist Track 1: Photek "Avalanche".

The subjects were feeling a dark and serious atmosphere. Some subjects were visualising beats but in the form of a heart monitor.

Artist Track 2: Photek "Aviator".

The subjects were feeling really happy and high, experiencing a sense of weightlessness.

Artist Track 3: Deadmau5 "The Reward is Cheese".

The subjects were visualising a bouncing motion again like the "Slinky" effect and when the build up came in the track the subjects were visualising hot steam coming from a train or a pot.

Artist Track 4: Daft Punk "Mothership Reconnection"

The subjects were experiencing being in an environment of some sort with robots and things being smashed up like glass.

Artist Track 5: Daft Punk "Rollin and Scratchin"

There was a sense of making this track feel like a sound effect, the subjects experienced being in a car but skidding everywhere along a track or a road. some others felt like a bird squawking.

Artist Track 6: DJ Shortee "Frosty Fresh Cuts"

Nobody experienced anything from this track apart from confusion from the scratching effects. however this could be explored more because there were lots of different emotions, ideas, colours and visions.

Artist Track 7: Skrillex "First of the Year, Equinox"

This was the most interesting results of the rest, this track was in the form of a Dubstep genre and this was not experienced in the effects track before. i deliberately put this at the end to see what would happen to the subjects. Every subject was experiencing a vision in thier own head of a happy place or happy environment using their imagination. One in which stands out was aliens on a beach being very happy and relaxing on their home planet. As soon as the dubstep kicked in everyone was feeling a sense of chaos destruction and hatred. For the alien on humans invaded their planet and destroyed everything. Also some subjects were dealing with exploding colours, strange visual patters but these were not repetitive they were all over the place. These visuals were making a new path every time.


The reason i picked those tracks and those effects is because i can feel a different visual impact from each one i listen to. plus the artists tracks were some of my favourite songs and i need to have fun in my project too you know.

Although the test was successful to show synaesthesia in subjects and to show that everyone is feeling a certain connection with each other in the music. I believe that it is all based on the personality of the person. Some of the subjects i tested loved computer games, opera singer, rock and roll fans, punk fans, pop fans, people from different countries nationalities. Although everybody came up with a common link it was based on their own visual impact. This is what i am trying to research for the visualisation project

So what to do next?

well what i am going to do next is hold a synaesthesia test on myself. If i believe it is all based on the personality of the subject. Then what would happen if i listened to music from other peoples favourite tracks. Could i experience the same type of synaesthesia from their music the same as i can with mines, or will it be something different. could my visual impact share a common link with theirs when they listen to their favourite track.

So i have asked the subjects who i have tested to pick a soundtrack that they feel a great visual impact upon. I will then test myself and report the results. then i will speak to the person who picked the soundtrack and see if my visuals were common with theirs when they listen to it.

The feedback i got was pretty interesting too. Somebody mentioned that what if you made them sit in a dim lit room and made them listen to it on their own with a set of coloured pencils next to them. somebody also mentioned that i need to get different tracks for them to listen to. so i am going to hold another one in the next few weeks and try again.

So there you have it, pretty interesting don't you say?. If you would like to do a synaesthesia test on yourself i will upload links to the effects and artists tracks on here for you to try. Comment and share your thoughts of your own results.

Enjoy Muchly.

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