Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Robot Full Up with Animation Stuff In It

Hey Folks

I never really showed the robot off in this blog much so i will explode your mind with the new version and just how i animated him with just bits and bobs put together.

So under this text you can see the new version of the robot, I wanted it to look like the little guy in some sense and to show that he is going into another world carried by the CD.

In Photoshop firstly I seperated each compontent like his screen, TV box, antennas, hands, arms and the telecom wire. I saved them as PNGs so they never had any white in the background just the plain image. Once that was done i imported each of them into after effects and started to animate them.

I started by having just the screen on its own and have the other parts fly and attach onto him in sync with the music. I did this by setting keyframes and just making a motion path as you can see below.

Once all the components joined I started to animated each component to the timing of the music and just to give it some more characterisation, so I moved his hands in a jerky kind of way and the antennas and all sorts of things. As you can see below I used the soundtrack to get the timing just right with keyframes and some tweaking.

After all the animation was created I thought to myself "ok this is good but it needs something else in it", so i thought to myself what if the robot starts sparking and glitching, so i added a synced wave sectrum which can be generated in after effects and placed it on his screen. I then used a particle system in after effects and make what looks like sparks I then changed the size of the particles along with the colour and created sparks for the robot.

With all this together I pre-composed the robot and added a shadow layer under him to give more of a depth, I had the robot static during the shot and wanted some more movement so I used a "wiggle" expression which is like this e.g wiggle(2,90)  this means that it will move randomly 2 times of 90 degrees which is quite slow and will not created a big amount of movement. I then animated the shadow moving under him to give it just a bit more depth.

And then here we are, the final shot of the robot within the background.

Enjoy Muchly

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