Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Whole Bunch Of Ingredients For My Backgrounds

Hey Folks

These are some references for my backgrounds this is a special post for people who are helping me design backgrounds for my films.

This post will explain what kind of environment Planet Deckturn is like and will help everybody get an idea of what to have in it.

first of the Planet colours now obviously the planet is a light purple colour so try and find contrasts for purple like yellows, reds and greens come on guys you all know what im talking about haha :D.

Now second the condition, obviously Planet Deckturn is inhabited to music and the music is played by the Plnaet himself and whatever he plays the people of Deckturn listen to whatever he is playing with their headphones. His music affects everything from plants animals and even the water absolutely evrything.

The things that makes planet deckturn "Spin" is the fact that the citizens of deckturn could also listen to their own CD if need be, so there are piles and piles of CDs everywhere. like a rubbish dump there are DJ stuff everywhere even the plants and buildings are part of DJ equipment from subwoofer flowers to trees with CD leaves.

Because of the intense bass from the Planet the environment is in a bit of a state like rubble and destroyed buildings and such.

thirdly the animals, if you read my latests posts you should all know that the bubble basses are the animals of Planet Deckturn and they help keep everything in balance from the elements of the planet for the likes of water and wind and such to even being repair men and your everyday bum.

Now this bit below is specifically for background people, Myself, Hai and Sarah.

see the thing that Daft Punk are standing on guys, obviously thats DJ equipment and such but the way its piled up looks interesting see if we could get this style floating through the backgrounds.

Dont be afraid to design your own subwoofers on the flowers buildings and such thats why people buy subwoofers not just for the watt count but the style too.
This is just a close up of a DJ deck for reference

DJ needle maybe you could turn it into a part of a building or something go nuts.

More reference for DJ equimpent

Check out how many subwoofers are in this picture you could use this for buildings, rubbish, plants anything you want.

subwoofers and DJ equipment doesn't need to be in everything you could have plain old destroyed buildings too we don't want too much in the picture

Midi Cables are a good way to tie things together these are used to make things work and come to life. you could have like a big mixing deck building in the middle of the background which represents an important building like the big apple of new york to even something like a monument. Then make midi cables connect to different buildings with subwoofers and Equalizer effected bulidings to make them all work from this big mixing deck.
Who said i couldn't let your imagination go in only one direction, this is a cool concept for a building, it could be a CD shop with giant headphones on top of it.

CDs are always good for building and piling up aren't they

You could always put graphics on the sides of buildings here is the DJ hero cover for some inspiration.

Again more rubble for bigger buildings.

a very good reference for CDs

See heres another cool concept a subwoofer connected to a rubiks cube go nuts guys this is brian's project imagination is the key to success in this one.

Here is another one you could have a building made out of CDs like skyscrapers.

references for different styles of subwoofers.

Now guys if you dont believe me ask sarah what im like...if i dont see enough imagination in the backgrounds it gets scrapped. being creative is the key to making this piece work also it shows how far you could push your imagination too.

Enjoy Muchly

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