Tuesday, 21 February 2012

250 word proposal.

250 word proposal

Brian Lindsay

Through being increasingly interested in animator/directors such as Tex Avery, John K, Bob Clampett along with specific artistic styles and animation skills such as Edmund Mcmillen. These influences has encouraged me to go into further study of pushing the boundaries of exaggerated animation as far as it can be pushed.
In order to make this piece of research much stronger I understand that listening to a specific style of music such as electronica, drum and bass and Dubstep can help push the exaggeration of my studies even further.

By combining these elements together, this piece of research i am going to write is to hereby expand the range of exaggerated 2D animation and character design with the use of music.

I will explain the tools of my research in full detail from using specific programmes such as photoshop, 3D elements and after effects by revealing successful and unsuccessful tests within my research piece. I will also create animation tests which will reflect my opinion on the artists I have researched. This research will help determine what will be most useful for my research project.

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