Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The First Fail :(

Hey Folks

Unfortunately this is not a happy post for your "Enjoy Muchly" guy. This is the first test of what the textures look like on our little planet. Does not look good at all does it folks.

First thing is that theres meant to be two highlights in his eyes i only see one and one is set right the other is set in the opposite direction :O. 2nd is his face i wanted to see the nice colours coming through but they've overlapped over the planet. The headphone cover looks ok but the chrome bits are just too much on them, and the headpiece is way too distorted for my liking. Plus i wanted a 2D shader on him and rudy forgot to put it on but its ok.

Unfortunately I am gonna have to go back in and re-texture the planet we will get him right and he will look like sex on the beach trust me.

Enjoy Muchly

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