Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sketchbook Study Boot in 3D

Hello Everyone,

Last night I downloaded "Google Sketchup" to start beginning on a BASIC level of 3D modelling. I feel that if i start in small steps eventually I can get better and better until I eventually move upto 3Ds max or Maya.

Now the reason i am wanitng to learn 3D is not for animation but to actualy build complicated models in which i can paint over in photoshop. If I don't like the results that I have built once placed into photoshop or i want to change the concept a little bit, instead of re-drawing, I can simply just re-model it a little bit or add something onto it then go back in and paint again.

Not only that but I can rotate my image and place it in different compositions  or angles for concept design.

Now why is there a drawing underneath?...good question I understand its not 3D but here is why it is here. For myself to learn 3D a little bit quicker I need to understand first how to accurately draw a concept idea.

This boot looks like a low poly version of the original boot i drew but i wanted to see if I can look at the boot in a different perspective and accurately draw this boot in terms of modelling. I know I am coming up with a load of nonsense but I feel that by drawing like this, it will help me to construct concepts more accurately. Not only that but if i like my concept idea that ive drawn it will not take long to model it and paint it for clients.

Now onto the drawing itself!!! 

This boot was my first attempts at being able to draw in a  3D perspective and its all wrong if you look at my notes the top is too small the foot is too short and i never actually thought about it in 3D and never even thought about building the drawing like 3D i.e in blocks.

The boot first attempt

More coming on the way though folks and to show you what I want at the end here is an example of a professionals drawing.

link can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrbfOpIP_UY

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