Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pixel Art The Cave of Goblins

Hey Everyone,

This is another pixel art drawing that I wanted to create for some fun, I was speaking to a few friends about the "Dark Souls" series and I was starting to get back the nostalgia feeling when I used to play it. So I thought about making a pixel art about a beginner knight character entering a cave but what he doesn't expect is to have it filled with goblins. Here is the breakdown of how I made this.

Basic background with character

Add background elements and foreground elements

Decided to meat up the foreground a bit

Added some smoke for atmosphere.

I was gonna put a shield and have a cave light come from above but I thought a torch would be more ambient.

Toning up the main character

Added a reflective light and a gradient to finish.

Actual size

Zoomed in for more detail

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