Monday, 13 January 2014

My pixel Art Collection

Hey Everyone,

So today i was getting some comments about my business cards and I thought that I would show you all my little collection of pixel art right from the start to the most recent one that I have done. I really enjoy pixel art not just for the pleasure of the nostalgia feeling but its like an art in itself by being able to place the pixels in the right place to make it read.

Clicker my first attempt.

Kyle Balfour 2nd attempt

 Jade Loch in her Pikachu onesie Beginning to get better now.

This was a commission for a friend on facebook

Zombie Pixel Art

Breaking Bad A big one that took 3 hours to complete.

Me in a Tanooki suit would love one in real life.

My business card of the front

My business card of the back

My next big picture The Cave of Goblins

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