Thursday, 6 September 2012

Another Concept Idea

Hey Folks

So heres an idea of what the little characters can do, I want to have the characters 2D and on top of live action and I was thinking just to be smart that one of them could fly past a CD and have his reflection showing on the bottom and another can be hiding behind a hoody.

One of them could climb onto a set of keys but then fall off and their wig comes off flying upwards, i would like the first test to be them all opening the door and thins would help me to gain an idea of all sorts of things. 1 animating in flash, learning motion tracking, placing 2D on top of live action, making shadows on top of the live action, moving objects in ways that i can make it look natural, taking unwanted elements out of the shot and then reflecting animation on shiny things.

now that i have a few ideas of what i want to do I will need to get some footage and then define the characters and make them look pretty, Then have a test motion track, tests for getting shadows in the right places and things, then onto animating, clean, colour and compositing.

Long way to go but it will be worth it in the end :D

Enjoy muchly

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