Thursday, 27 September 2012

"Rayman Origins" Question Answered With A UBI ART Video

Hey Folks

A comment was given to me in my robot man walk cycle about "Rayman Origins" and I never made a comment back but in the least yes i have played it and it is a fantastic game with very healthy lush backgrounds and quick exaggerated animation.

I wanted to know how they did the animation for this game and I found this video that is about UBI ART it must be the company that obviously made the animations for the game and it shows you in this video how they made the animations for the game.

It is kinda the same way i made my walk cycle using different parts and placing the vector points on the bit that you want rotated and then simply animate them. The difference is that these guys are drawing right onto the screen with their awesome graphic tablets lucky sods.

It is indeed a very easy way to animate things and i am too becoming more and more pointed into this direction because that walk cycle I made only took about an hour including having a generous tea break :D.

Enjoy Muchly

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  1. Ah cheers for this Brian I really wanted to know how they made it too. I've not checked this video out yet but I will.

    Thanks again,