Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monster Walk Cycle Plan For Flash

Hey Folks

Sorry i have not been on here for a while i ahve been doing some overtime in work and i need the money. I have been paid though woohoo and I had enough money to buy me some nice sketchbooks plus "Plants VS Zombies"

So I have been reading more of the survivial kit and I feel that I want to make another walk cycle but a more crazier one. I have created this monster like creature and I want to give him a happy but dumb style to his walk with lots of squashiness. As you can see in the sketches here i have made the contact position the lowest point of the walk, the down has been replaced with an uprising position, the pass position is still the going up and the up is still the up, delay a few frames and them come right down into the contact again and start the process all over again.

I will test it out to see if this works, it should with the right inbetweening and movement it should be fine to not need to draw it again with the opposite legs. As you can see in the contact positions you cant see his legs which is the trick to this invented cycle, however I might re draw the positions again and show just slight differences so I can get a much more interesting walk cycle.

Enjoy Muchly

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