Thursday, 27 September 2012

Monster Coloured In

Hey Folks

Today I coloured in my monster character to see what he could look like when walking. I decided to draw right into photoshop because i am obviously gonna need to learn to do it in flash, I feel that i am beginning to get the grips of this technique and seem to be getting it quite well. I have shown two images of the character one which has the construction lines done in photoshop to show how I built him up and the other is just to have a look at and see of he works.

I wanted his skin to be green for some reason but then I realised that the different parts on his head need to contrast. I had a look at the colour wheel and made his opposites oranges and purples I believe that he has turned out quite well.

I feel like a new style of colour and character is beginning to flow out of my designs now with contrasting colours and specific eyes and facial details. Which is quite nice but i think i might need to create some more designs what do you think?

Enjoy Muchly

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