Monday, 17 September 2012

Robot Man Walk Cycle

Hey Folks

Today I decided to create my Robot Man walk cycle, I wanted him to have a movement that made him look like although he is damaged he does not bother about it. He has a broken arm and I thought maybe we can put in a shadow and his lightbulb can shine too woohoo :D.

This was my first even walk cycle done in after effects no drawing was done which completely took me out of my comfort zone so i would like feedback on this one. 

I think it looks pretty cool although I tried to get this rigged with the "Rigit" plug in i had a few problems so i had to sit there and painstaikingly place all these parts together but by bit.

I parent the body parts to his torso and that was the base of the animation for the up and down movement.

But see what you think folks.

Enjoy Muchly

1 comment:

  1. Looks awesome! Have you ever played Rayman Origins ?