Thursday, 28 June 2012

Planet Deckturn Isnt Feeling well Folks

Hey Folks

Whilst being in the studio i showed rudy all the stuff he needed to do to animate the Planet in 3D with the help of my animation mechanics studies and even showed him the videos of "The Binding of Isaac" to get a feel for the way this character was to be made. 

Now it comes to the stage where we progress onto the next stage of the animation where the evil CD comes out of the Planet and eventually goes up the Planets backside to cause even more terror. The way I wanted this to be animated was to feel like as something going up your backside. i watched a few people show examples and a lot of folk closed their eyes and eventually move so violently, but this is a planet so what do we do to get him to move violently without any arms or legs. Then I noticed somebody did something with their eyes so I tried to show Rudy what I wanted and we then went into animating.

This was the same process as the previous test with more exaggeration and some eye popping with a funny expression to make it just that bit better.

Enjoy Muchly

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