Thursday, 28 June 2012

Binding of Isaac intro cut scene

Hey Folks

This is the introduction to the game "The Binding of Isaac" A game created by Edmund Mcmillen which is really good but if you wish to play this game then head over to and play the demo or head to and find "The Binding of Isaac" on steam for about £4.00.

Anyways this video is on here not for advertising but to simply show you the animation, although it is very simple if tells the story quite well and if you watch the animation it is very simple with that moving style I don't particularly know what it is but I shall find out. If you watch there is a but where Isaac's Mother hears the voice of God and she will changer her emotion with very simple squash and stretch. This was the type of style used for the 3D planet on my film.

Enjoy Muchly

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