Friday, 22 June 2012

The Clean Up Stage is Complete Woohooo

Hey Folks

Today is a good day, because today i have finally cleaned all my frames for the film, it has took from the 1st of june and til the 22nd to complete. It has been a very good process because of the techniques i have used to clean the frames i was able to give a unique style if line and effects to each character and frame. The characters have their own specific colour and details to them which will make the coloured frames and the animation just the little bit more effective. In some cases i have even improved the drawings of the original frames if you look at the blob frame at the bottom of the page it never had any details or any specific style to them just plain blobs but with this technique i was able to improve the frame.

Now that this stage is done it is now onto colouring the frames which will not take as long but will need some thought and imagination to get the colours just right on the film.

Enjoy Muchly

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