Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Colouring Process

Hey Folks

I have been quite ill the past weekend and havent really had the chance to get on with some work but thankfully i am now recovered and am able to get back on it.

So we left off with revealing that i have finally cleaned every last frame for the film and am now onto colouring YAY GET IN. Colouring doesn't take a lot of time but its is a bit tricky trying to fill in everything neat and tidily, just like a childrens colouring book again but more advanced. So as you can see i have cleaned up the blob and shows a few examples of frames using different textures and techniques like motion blurring, plastic wrap effects and sponge textures for the smoke. I feel that i do have some time on my hands to enhance the quality of the colured frames and i think they look pretty awesome if i say so myself but what do you think.

Enjoy Muchly

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