Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bulletstorm, Gorey but visually pleasing environments

Hey Folks

Recently I have been playing "Bulletstorm" a game created by Epic Games which is a fantasy sci-fi first person shooter where you have to "Kill With Skill".

It is awesomely gory with amazing characters, a SHIT load of swearing and just killing enemies in the most funniest way possible. My kinda game to be honest, But when I play it I usually take a step back from it and just suck in the atmosphere of the game I think the environment is just awe inspiring and really makes me double think about my backgrounds, The images in this post of both gameplay footage and concept art created by Maciej Wojtala illustrates just now nice you can make a space environment. With the use of contrasting colours for sunlight like purples blues yellow and oranges all gelling together in the sky. I think i might go back and re-do my backgrounds and give them more of a visually pleasing look to be honest.

Enjoy Muchly

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