Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reflective Writing

Hey Folks

Here is another reflective writing exercise.

Warning swearing may occur.

I can hear my fridge door making some noise its like water but i can sense the cold coming from the pipes. Must make sure i do this model thing for tomorrow, this is hard i have nothing in my head because i already cleared my head today, still need to stop scratching my arm its getting sore.

im glad that ive got my new animatic all set up and ready to go :D feeling better for that, i can hear my parrot speak and its funny haha. Man i just cant be bothered with this right now i just wanna get to work instead of writing up this shit :(.

Is this even right what i'm doing i'm thinking of DJ shadow right now and i am in the mood to play one of his songs. hmm what if o got everyone to do a reflective writing piece based on the brain heart music that i have been researching i wonder what would happen then :D.

Ok so thats 6 minutes i dont think it works so well with me in the morning because i am so used to sitting in my bed and just thinking about everything. i get it from my dad and i cant be bothered getting up in the morning and heading straight to the notebook or the computer because then i am awake and ive lot most of my concentration.

I dont know about this to be honest i couldn't come up with anything i cant even think about a past experience or anything i am actually thinking about this stupid thing that i am writing right now all i am experiencing is my hand getting bloody sore from typing. I think this experience has not worked for me today i personally think that i need to do these sort of things either after lunch or when i am needing to write something up, ive noticed that works wonders but when it comes to a day when i know i am doing something practical. I dont need to clear my mind because it just sets in so well with the practical stuff. When i have to write up this 500 words thing and the 3000 word thing i think i will use this method to get better results.

Enjoy Muchly

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