Wednesday, 11 January 2012

reflective writing

Hey Folks

So today we were given a small talk about reflective writing, we were told that one of the best ways to do reflective writing is to do a mind dump.

now i don't mean as in slam your head on the table and hope that your brain fluids spill on the floor, what i mean is grab a sheet of paper, or a computer and type for 6 minutes of anything and everything that comes to your mind.


I wonder what felix's drink tastes like, cool cup though, my God theres a fucking machine behind me typing like mad .__. What to write i have no idea likes getting bored already. I got the moves like jagger I got the moves like jagger, I got the mooooioooioiovvves like jagger. Kinda reminds me of Jager the drink, my hands are sore, lets grow old together in every way EVERY WAY!!! yeah drinking drinking bitch haha LOL. Need another drink of my shitty warm coke which was a failed attempt of getting it cold by putting it in the sink filled with cold water fucking hell so many mistakes its pissing me off. Backs itchy and scratchy hey thats a cool saying my backs itchy and scratchy hahaaaaagh, i cant think of anything now my brain is in a time warp zone, like super meat boy. now i have the theme tune for the first level in my head hmmm weird do dodo do.

6 minutes up.

next you had to write for 20 minutes about a past experience you've had recently. at first i never thought this would work because the 6 minute thing was meant to eventually evolve into an experience of its own or help you write up one so here we go.

Well so far that book is a piece of shit. I have not thought about any experiences ap..well...apart from this one ive kinda learned that if i want to draw shit not literally mind you but yeah if i want to draw shit i can write it down or just draw it so its kinda good in a way because if i get stuck during this practice at least...i just heard a weird sound coming from a phone, yeah anyways. If i get stuck i can just put out all this shit im thinking about on paper until im spaced out then have a fresh mind, you know what book. your not so bad after all haha.

So ive been playing a game calle "The Binding of Isaac" which has been created by a team called TEAM MEAT which are the guys who have done Super Meat Boy haha thanks book. Anyways yeah so I played the game, enjoyed it but its fucking hard mind you but what i really liked was the art of the game so i researched the artist and found out who it is, Its an artist named Edmund Mcmillen an indie games artist who has been drawing from a very young age and has inspired me so much over the christmas period, 5 MINS, so i found out that he drew tone of stuff on paper obviously but when he got into games he learned that the best thing to do was draw straight into the computer, so over xmas and new year i have been learning to draw like him and also draw into photoshop. I must say that its a lot of fun and cheaper than buying paper cause im a tight fisted basterd LOL. So i can say that this is a good experience plus i just happened to stumble upon "The Binding of Isaac" on "Teh Internets" and watched a "Lets Play" video on youtube and then after i saw that i downloaded the game and spotted Edmund in the credits. So after all that unsuspected experience it has helped me step out of my comfort zone and also increasing my character design skills plus a bonus for me because Edmund's drawings are gory and crude as fuck so this is totally up my alley :D smiley face. Now i am learning to get more and more confident in drawing into the computer and i will eventually start learnign to animate straight into flash and get my animations done much much quicker and better thus one more step closer to becoming the fastest and very skilled animator eveeerrrrr


so there you have it, quite a weird exercise but its well worth it. Try it out yourself, the best time to do it is when you've just woken up, going to bed, just had some food or did your daily thing that you do like work or exercise. Maybe you can do it after you've been drinking who knows try it out and comment:D

enjoy muchly

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