Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Hey Folks

Please let me introduce to you, The Bubble Basses.

Now think of these little creatures as the animals of Planet Deckturn They are made up of bubble shapes with specific characteristics on them. They are each born with a propeller in which helps them to move around in the sky, however these propellers produce specific things which helps keep Deckturn going.

For Example if we look to the top right we can see a crazy looking bubble bass that produces which looks like smoke but is actually clouds. We also have a leprechaun type which produces DOUBLE RAINBOWS.

We also have ones that are artists in themselves and produce equalizers that sync with the music being played on the planet :D and we have bums who have no specific job to the planet and have epic beards that grow in time with the beat.

A few of these guys will be picked and made for the film.

Pick your fave

Enjoy Muchly

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