Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Two More Beasting Backgrounds

Hey Folks

Today i used what i had in the concept drawings to come up with the rest of the backgrounds for the film.

Here we can see that we have a nice beautiful landscape with the cable trees, happy mountains, happy clouds and our ghetto blaster saluting in the sky. In the foreground we have some subwoofer flowers which adds a nice depth and effect to the environment.

However in this picture we see a total contrast from nice to nasty and this is when the CD takes over the characters mind to think that Planet Deckturn is in turmoil. I have created some eeries and horrible looking monsters in this one from melting subwoofers, horrid hills, a destroyed ghetto blaster and even a dead bubble bass. YEAH I KNOW IM SICK IN THE HEAD BUT WHATEVER ITS COOL. Besides I know my teammate sarah will have a ton of fun colouring these up for me.
Enjoy Muchly

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