Tuesday, 6 March 2012

250 Word Abstract re-done

Hey Folks

I have re one my abstract for my essay so here it is.

Brian Lindsay

Reflective Writing

Through watching classic cartoon animation to contemporary 2D video game animation. I have gathered a specific interest in John K and Edmund Mcmillen who are both animators and character designers for cartoons and computer games. They have influenced me to try and expand my animation style to the maximum. Why have they influenced my studies and what makes them so interesting?

This proposal aims to explain how each of these artists share common grounds in the animation media and to explain how their styles have influenced my own style in animation.

I will explain, the look of the characters, exaggeration in the expressions of the characters, how they are animated to the exaggerated style. I aim to interrogate why this all looks so inspiring to me.

I will also explain how these styles are helping me with my studies with the use of 2D animation and 3D character style.

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