Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Golden Ratio "Phi" In Art Form

Another form of "Phi" is used in architecture within the famous greek building of the Parthenon. This has used Golden Rectangles to get its shape and proper construction of the pillars and roof.

Leonardo Da Vinci was an engineer and a Mathematician away ahead of his time. He liked to use his math skills in his painting to understand in more depth about human life. we can see here from his drawings that he uses the Golden Rectangle to understand composition. In this sketch of the "Old Man" by Da Vinci displays "Phi" displaying human proportions within the face.
"The Mona Lisa" uses the rectangle from the bottom of her right wrist to her left elbow and extends to the top of her head. However what is most important is what is inside of the rectangle. Da Vinci helps construct important focal points in the painting within her face and helps centre her eyes and her mysterious smile.

"The Vetruvian Man" uses three golden rectangles to help construct perfect proportions of the human body.

Here is an example of the Golden Triangle and the Golden star used in "The Crucifix" By Raphael to help indicate that the angels and Mary and Joseph in the painting has an important relationship with Christ.

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