Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Brain Heart Music

Hey folks how you all doing.
here is something i came across yesterday after searching for a DJ which i found by the way :D. I will be uploading his link to here as soon as he replies to my mail:D. Now i was in Kennys music which is in Dundee in the town centre and i spoke to a guy who works in there.

I was telling him about Synaesthesia and the whole connection between music and image he mentioned a scottish composer called Punit Yaatri who does the same thing as synaesthesia but instead of visualisation he does it physically and mentally. Its called Brainheart Music! what this is, is a music therapy technique which helps triggers the brain and the nervous system to unleash a chemical. The chemical then flows through your body to help stimulate your mind and promote health and well-being.

according to Yaatri the first 45 seconds of the music being played to a patient was able to display electrical activity of the brain and the heart to tween with each other and create what is called "Coherence".

Coherence in physics is when two properties or fields produce frequency waves, when these frequencies are of the same wave equation they will phase with one another and connect the two fields. For example lasers share equal frequencies which produce a perfect stream of light, this technique is used for fibre optic lights so that when they bounce of the glass the frequencies will remain the same and still produce the perfect light. so basically for this small report the heart and the brain are dealing with the music being listened to and producing the same wave frequencies to produce a health promoting chemical around the body. this can do lots of things from emotions to pain and to even mental problems.

Brain heart acts like a painkiller in which it helps triggers where the pain is located in your body and helps to relieve discomfort so its like a drug but you don't need to swallow it, just listen to it. this method has helped people all over scotland to help deal with situations in their lives from ADHD, depression, learning difficulties and even brain injuries. here is an article displayed on the brainhearts web page showing what the results can do there are more stories so look it up and give it a go. I tried and i felt so much better and even shed a tear of emotions with my own problems.

This is extraordinary and i am going to conduct an experiment on a friend of mine who suffers from ADHD i will report the results when i can but the subject will remain anonymous. here is the site:

Another thing that was mentioned in this article was something called the Golden Ratio or the "God Ratio" it is a formula that displays a ratio of 1.618 which is shown in all devine plans, cells, energy and patterns within the universe. In Brainheart theory the music was able to allow the brain to display large amounts of alpha waves within the brainwaves and produce the Golden Ratio or "Phi". Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci used this method in his paintings especially the "Mona Lisa" and also the greeks used them too.

more info on this to come.

enjoy muchly

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