Monday, 16 July 2012

The 2nd Space Background Folks

Hey Folks

Today I have created the 2nd Space Background for the film, I placed the galaxy in this one so it creates a nice atmosphere this is the one where the smoke will come flying into the planet so the planet will sit at the right and i tried to blend the colours together so when the green smoke comes flying in it will contrast nicely.

I will be placing the athlete and Planet Deckturn in this shot along with the smoke flying in and i thought when the dubstep is playing i will create a feedback effect and inverse the background with some bright spells to give a nice effect of the dubstep effecting even the whole galaxy.

I created this in photoshop using rendered clouds and just different brushes for the stars and things i also created some nebulas and i have a separate star layer for nice sparkly things flickering everywhere all nice and shiny like ha ha shiny shiny shine shine.

So let me know what you think

Enjoy Muchly

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