Wednesday, 28 September 2011

First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex [OFFICIAL]

Hey folks this is a music video made by a german DJ called skrillex his work is very dubstep but although the music is great the video is just even better. It gets back at pedophiles in this video where a girl lures him into an underground car park but what he expects to be a success to get the small girl turns out to be a big regret. The girl is possessed by a demon like creature which can manipulate the music of the video to kill the man. very sick but the effects of the video with the music is unreal.


Ren Snaps

My reaction to my tutors when they dont agree with my ideas.

Stimpy's Invention "The Happy Helmet"

Hey folks this is one of my all time favourite cartoons Ren and Stimpy "Stimpys Invention" ren is a Chihuahua and Stimpy is a cat on is very obnoxious and the other is very stupid. sho basically Stimpy realises that Ren is unhappy and he makes Ren a happy helmet but Ren tries to fight it and ends up become quite scarily happy and insane at the same time. This is a small clip of the making of the happy helmet with nicely painted backgrounds and strange tools to make the helmet plus Rens transformation with the helmet.


The Duplicators - Cartoon Network ID Shortie

Hey folks this is an awesome short piece from a small animation company called Meindbender. It is 3D but they have managed to alter their rigs to make them do crazy things. The beauty of it is that they have managed to create a texture that makes their characters look like stop motion plasticine. IN 3D haha its soo cool. The animation is what i am astounded by i have contacted the guys to ask how they did it but...nothing yet :(. this is the kind of animation style that i am goin for in my little project. anyways enjoy

Mawkins Backfire

Mawkins Backfire animatic 2

Mawkins Backfire Animatic

Brian Lindsay Animation Showreel

mawkins Build up to the final product

Here is the undergraduate film called Mawkins Backfire. If you have read the other blog it kinda explains what is going on. Here is the old animatics and the final finished film for you to look at.


Hey so first things first!

This is my showreel which shows some of my animation pieces, some that are from my undergraduate course and just a few training exercises that i have been doing. Hope you enjoy it and comment or subscribe on tube you :D